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Primaloft Tent Slipper - Black

After using a pair of the Natal Designs x Burlap Outfitters Primlaoft Slippers we're happy to say they're the best damn slippers in the world. Designed as a tent mule type slipper for use when the sun dips and you're in a tent up a mountain, they're equally versatile for use at home in the winter months.

Primaloft Silver insulation ensures your feet stay toasty warm and is much easier to clean at home than down for similar heat retention qualities. A collaboration with Japanese retailer Burlap Outfitter these room slippers can be worn two ways, short or long depending on the setting with a nice draw cord for really locking that heat in when its needed.

Approx Sizes: Medium fits up to UK 8, Large up to UK 10

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