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Tritensil Mini Deep Blue

Tritensil Mini provides all the functionality of Tritensil but in a smaller, more compact and lighter format for when weight and space are top priorities.

Eating while camping? during an adventure race or simply having lunch at the office? Not sure you want to use the grotty looking cutlery in the takeaway or want to cut down on using single use plastics? Tritensil is a fantastic product for all of these situations and more.

Tritensil provides the full use of a fork, spoon and serrated knife in a two piece set.  The handles click together for compact storage without the need of special clips, bands or cases. The interlocking design also allows the Tritensil to be configured into an extended spork almost doubling the overall useable length. Its a quality Made in the USA product that comes in a range of colours, lightweight, BPA Free, dishwasher friendly. You'll wonder what you did without one. 

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