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A Closer Look at the ‘Slash Shell Jacket’ from Comfy Outdoor Garment Spring/Summer ‘21

A Closer Look at the ‘Slash Shell Jacket’ from Comfy Outdoor Garment Spring/Summer ‘21

The latest seasonal rendition of one of CMF’s most coveted and recognisable garments: the Slash Shell Jacket.

Conceived by Makoto from the renowned Tokyo-based Lost Hills store, Comfy Outdoor Garment - succinctly abbreviated to CMF - does what it says on the tin: they produce Comfy Outdoor Garments. Comfort meets function, what more could you ask for? With comfort at the root of the brand, Comfy Outdoor Garment are concerned with testing the extent to which they can combine comfort and functionality, without compromising one or the other.

CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Slash Shell Jacket Japan

Tapping into a whole host of outdoors-oriented influences from mountaineering to climbing, they still possess the ability to mesh technical materials and functionality but delivered through a lifestyle filtered lens. It’s sort of the perfect antidote to temperamental urban weather, especially here in the U.K.

With each passing collection CMF presents, their experimental prowess grows and they continue to push the boundaries of outerwear. The previous statement is no more truer than their Slash Shell Jacket, first introduced in the Autumn/Winter ‘20 season and it’s the real deal - there is no piece of outerwear like it. Despite its relatively recent inception, it has already provoked quite a ruckus among those who know. Their consistent offering extends from utility-focused outerwear in a manner of styles to shirts and bottoms, all of which draw on influences from climbing like easy-access pockets, built-in belts and D-ring attachments.

CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Slash Shell Jacket

Comfy Outdoor Garment’s ‘Slash Shell Jacket’ is a truly unique piece of design, especially in an age where you often think to yourself, ‘Hasn’t that been done before?’. In this case, we haven’t seen a 3-layer jacket that features an asymmetric zip-fastening finished to this level of expertise, but we wouldn’t expect anything else from Makoto and his namesake label. Designed to coexist with the natural environment, the Slash Shell is constructed using a polyester-cotton blend 3-layer material that is simultaneously waterproof and breathable - yielding a waterproof rating of 20,000 and respective breathability rate of 30,000. The asymmetric zip design is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, allowing the placement of ventilated holes that prevent steaming up whilst wearing ski goggles as well as aiding temperature control. Technical details can be found throughout including cord adjusters for a locked-in fit, waterproof pockets with zip-closure and a storm peak hood to aid water run-off in adverse conditions. Despite it’s easy-on-the-eye appearance, it’s fully decked out with functional touches that would cope in the same environments it derives inspiration from.

CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Slash Shell Jacket

At This Thing of Ours, we have three colourways of the Slash Shell available including Coyote Brown, Black and Alpha Green. In addition to that, we have taken delivery of their Quick Dry tee, Long Sleeve and ½ Sleeve Tee.

CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Slash Shell Alpha Green
CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Slash Shell Jacket Coyote
CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Slash Shell Jacket Black

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