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An Overview of Autumn/Winter ‘21 Rainwear Courtesy of CMF Outdoor Garment

Comfy Outdoor Garment Waterproof Jacket Coexist Best Price END

Written by Ali George Hinkins

The experimental prowess of CMF Outdoor Garments continues to grow as they dip into traditional Japanese uniform whilst drawing upon outdoor and urban sensibilities, specifically in regards to outerwear - one of my favourite areas. 

CMF has been riding a collaborative wave for the first few weeks of the Autumn/Winter ‘21 season, with eye_C and 432Hz being respective partners in that regard, but now it’s time to focus on the nitty-gritty and look at some of their own wares, some will be familiar and others will be new to their arsenal. 

As the weather becomes more unpredictable, especially in our native U.K, there really is no better solution than some proper rainwear and there aren’t many brands who are releasing such functional yet unique outerwear silhouettes than CMF is. There are four particular styles that I’d really like to hone in on including the Coexist Shell Jacket, Slash Shell, Haori Shell and 3 Layer Rain Falls Poncho, all function-focused in their own regard. 

Coexist Shell Jacket 

Comfy Outdoor Garment CMF Stockist UK END

One thing to note: CMF’s outerwear designs can often be slightly deceiving upon first inspection, almost like not everything is as it seems, but take a closer look and things begin to unravel. The ‘Coexist Shell Jacket’ features a unique two position zipper placket on the front of the jacket that has been designed to accommodate different styles of wear. For example, the wearer can opt for a looser, more urban-focused cut or, go hell-for-leather, zip it up securely and hide away from the elements. Speaking of the elements, the jacket is constructed from a pretty hefty three-layer material, coined Coexist, that boasts a breathability rating of 30,000 and a hydrostatic score - the measure of a garment's waterproofness - of 20,000 which are both exceptional scores. Basically what I’m trying to say is that this jacket is an absolute unit. It is rounded off with waterproof zippers, velcro cuffs, an adjustable hood with storm hood and weatherproof pockets. 

Slash Shell Coat

Comfy Outdoor Garment CMF Slash Coat UK Stockist Best Price END

Designed to be equally as functional on the mountains as it could be during your commute, the Slash Shell Coat features a unique asymmetric zip design that looks good but has a real purpose: it prevents fogging when wearing goggles as the zipper doesn’t come in directly under your chin. In addition, the placement of ventilated holes in the extended collar assist with regulating the wearer’s temperature. Not to be confused with the Slash Shell Jacket, this features a slightly elongated cut, therefore offering more protection for the wearer. Like the aforementioned Coexist Shell Jacket, this garment has been constructed from the same ‘Coexist’ three-layer material and as we’ve already gone into it we’ll spare you the details. Just know that when the weather starts to hit the fan, you’ll be safe with this bad boy equipped. 

Haori Shell Jacket

Comfy Outdoor Garment CMF Haori Shell Jacket Waterproof UK Best Price Stockist

Bringing traditional Japanese garb up to a modern specification, the Haori Shell jacket from CMF reinvents an iconic silhouette into a waterproof and breathable 3-layer kimono with a sheer focus on function. Made from a similar Coexist material as the other two on this list, the Haori Shell Jacket is made using a nylon fabric that offers a respective breathability factor of 10,000 and waterproof rating of 10,000, too.  

There are three pockets on the front with waterproof zippers as well as a magnetic Fidlock buckle for the main method of closure. A slightly unconventional but reassuringly traditional touch is a hidden coin pocket in one of the sleeves, but perhaps, for one reason or another, it’ll be useful for festival and club attendees. 

3 Layer Rain Falls Poncho

Comfy Outdoor Garment CMF Rainfalls Poncho Waterproof Jacket Best Price UK Stockists END

Wholly dissatisfied with the design and construction of typical rain ponchos, you know, the kind of crap you see at festivals, Makoto designed the Rain Falls Poncho with a renewed purpose. Typically, ponchos are worn by pulling them over the wearer’s head but CMF casually decided to add a zipper which has transformed the experience of equipping the piece of kit. Like the Haori Shell Jacket, the Rain Falls Poncho has been constructed using a specially engineered waterproof and breathable 3-layer nylon fabric. There is one small pocket on the chest with two offers located on either side that feature waterproof zippers for secure stowage of your belongings. In case you get caught out, there is a stowable hood located inside the collar which comes in very handy. 

Each style is available now from This Thing of Ours’ online store, but, if you are ever in the nearby vicinity I recommend you swing by to check out their wares in person. 

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