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The Latest from F/CE.® Lands at This Thing of Ours Including Their Latest Nanga Collaboration.

F/CE x Nanga Exclusive Collection

Functionality, Culture, Exploration. Written by Ali George Hinkins

The Autumn and Winter season is no joke in the U.K. Frosty mornings, bitter wind chill and the odd downpour are all characteristic of the British seasons. With this in mind, there aren’t many brands who can stand up to such an occasion, but F/CE. definitely fits the bill. 

Living under a rock? Maybe you’re a little bit out of the loop? I’ll give you a little synopsis and breakdown on what F/CE.® stands for. While it may seem like a jumble of words, the brand name hints towards its overriding mission to explore Functionality, Culture, Exploration through design. Each of these three words is embedded within each product - it’s a very important part of the process. Functionality is considered down to the last thread or stitch and culture’s are explored and pried into for inspiration. 

F/CE Tool UK Stockist

F/CE.® was launched in Spring/Summer ‘17, but previously went by the name of Ficouture that dates back to 2010, by Satoshi Yamane who juggles some impressive roles, some of which include Founder of Roots General Store and Designer/Creative Director for Gramicci’s Performance Line. As a designer, he is inspired by a mix of the aesthetics of outdoor products from the 1970s, architecture and music culture; each of these forms helps to bring each F/CE.® garment to life. But, something that is hard to gloss over is Satoshi’s love of travelling which fits the bill for both Culture and Exploration - in the past, F/CE.® has referenced French and British culture in its design, taking silhouettes synonymous with the aforementioned and subverting them to suit their distinct narrative. 

F/CE Clothing UK Stockist

Having brushed up on our F/CE.® rhetoric a little, let’s have a little look at their most recent output. For Autumn/Winter ‘21, F/CE.® continues to expand its understanding of technical and contemporary wear as they continue to finely tune specialist outerwear pieces. In particular, this sect for the season is characterised by multi-pocket configurations, down insulation and waterproof exteriors - familiar points from the Japanese label.  

Only available from a handful of select stockists, This Thing of Ours included, F/CE.® creates some cracking outerwear and, in the process, often collaborates with Nanga - the geniuses of all things down insulation. For Autumn/Winter ‘21, the pair has developed the Minimal Down Jacket, FT Half Down Parka and FT Down Scarf, all of which incorporate the finest in down technology courtesy of Nanga.

F/CE x Nanga Exclusive Collection UK Stockist


I would be doing the exclusive collection a disservice if I didn’t shine a quick light on the Minimal Down Jacket, a beautiful parka that is just effortlessly good. Cut to a slightly shorter length, the design is based on that of the vintage Mountain Parka from the 70s that everyone lusts after - many have tried to replicate it but not many have achieved such a feat. The outer fabric has been crafted from F/CE.® 's bespoke in-house material called ‘Flight’ - a nylon ripstop - which boasts high water repellency and breathability, an essential for any piece of high end rainwear. Nanga lends its expertise on the insulation side of things using European sourced feathers which are then carefully cleaned in Japan. By using such a high-quality down product, the Minimal Down Jacket has a high temperature and humidity control, making it the perfect method of insulation for Autumn/Winter. Finally, it is equipped with technical details aplenty including interior security pockets, drawcord hood and hem, leather cuff straps and more.

Collaborations aside, on the basics side of things TTOO is carrying the Polartec Fleece Mockneck Top, Bottle Neck L/S and WR Map Pochette Pouch. 

Take a closer look at This Thing of Ours’ array of F/CE.® via their online store or retail space.

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