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CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Spring/Summer ‘22 Arrives at This Thing of Ours

CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Spring/Summer ‘22 Arrives at This Thing of Ours

Written by Ali George Hinkins

It only seems like yesterday that I covered Comfy Outdoor Garment’s rainwear offering from AW‘21 but now that the country has been recently plastered by storm after storm, it appears that Spring is set to rear its welcoming head. Although, that rainwear would have come in very handy..

Marrying elements of functional design with lightweight fabrications, CMF has strategically engineered its Spring/Summer ‘22 garments to the season in question. Known for their forward-thinking outerwear pieces and embedding technical design into everything they do, This Thing of Ours’ offering from the Japanese namesake covers headwear, vests, outerwear and sweatshirts. But, with everything they touch, do not be mistaken by those seemingly traditional categories as they subvert each style in their own way.

Firstly, we’ll start off with one of the most interesting pieces, in my opinion anyway: the 3 Layer Sweatshirt. In true Comfy Outdoor Garment style, the sweatshirt combines innovative design with a typical, everyday silhouette resulting in a lightweight and fully waterproof garment boasting all the technical sensibilities that come with it. Providing an alternative to carrying a waterproof shell jacket, the 3 Layer Sweatshirt is made using a lightweight 3 layered nylon material with taped seams throughout which ensures no leakage from outside interference. Thanks to its lightweight nylon construction, it’s optimum for the warmer Spring/Summer months. Also, did I mention it was reversible with a varsity-style script on the other side? That’s essentially two pieces for the price of one. Finishing touches come in the form of ribbed cuffs and the Comfy Outdoor Garment logo below the neck. It’s available in black and beige. 

CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment UK Stockist Best Price
CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Dyneema Step Out Vest UK Stockist Best Price
CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment UK Stockist Phantom Vest Best Price
The Dyneema Step Out Vest is a real crowd stopper piece for the season. If you’re wondering what Dyneema is, simply put, it’s one of the lightest and strongest man made fibres on earth. It’s hard to emphasise how lightweight this vest is unless you have it in person. The Vest borrows elements of design from running and hiking hydration packs so it features easily accessible compartments which are secured with waterproof zippers and taped seams. For added comfort and a better fit, it features padded shoulders and adjustable detailing. On a similar wavelength and adding to the outerwear offering is the Phantom Vest which acts as an additional windproof layer with a hefty hood equipped with a storm peak and two chest pockets for added storage.
CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment Coexist Shell Jacket UK Stockist

Finally, the Coexist Shell is a longer outerwear silhouette that is fully packable, lightweight and waterproof - three key components for the British weather during Spring and Summer. It’s made using a top of the line 3 layer nylon material and features minimal branding, adjustable hood and two lower pockets. They kept the design minimal and let the function do the talking. Never one to skimp out on wardrobe essentials either, their Loopback Sweatshirt is the epitome of simplistic design which, where appropriate, is very much appreciated. Made using 100% heavyweight cotton, it’s everything you lust after when it comes to those sought-after vintage sweats: heavyweight construction, fitted neck and ribbed cuffs and hem. For added durability and comfort, CMF have added an extra layer of fabric on the shoulders and elbows. Much like its 3 Layer counterpart, this sweatshirt is also reversible and features the same ‘Hope’ lettering on the chest.

CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment UK Stockist Best Price Sweatshirt

I’m not sure that it would be a Comfy Outdoor Garment collection without a unique piece of headwear, so the All Time Cap takes that spot for SS ‘22. The design features two brims which isn’t something I’ve seen before but it works - it’s almost like a bucket hat without sides. Appropriate for the seasons, it’s made from a lightweight and breathable mesh material. There is an adjustable toggle on the front of the cap as well as a woven tag on the back.

Available now online and in-store.

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