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GoopiMade New Product Releases

GoopiMade New Product Releases

GoopiMade has quickly become a firm favourite at This Thing Of Ours. It's modern, fresh take on urban outdoor influenced clothing feels a million miles away from some of the repetitive, play it safe menswear that's crept into the UK market over the last few years. GoopiMade won't be for everyone, it's bold cuts and oversized stylings can seem intimidating but with the product in hand it speaks for itself and is carving out a niche of loyal customers both in the UK and internationally. 

This week see's the arrival of our latest drop of GoopiMade products and as usual numbers are limited, so take this as fair warning. GoopiMade products tend to go like hot cakes and part of the attraction is that the limited availability means you're unlikely to run into someone wearing the same item. 

It's been a while since Goopi have released their famous Military pants. This latest rendition that launches online on the 25th of July is officially called the MT-03 Wide Cargo Pant and it's been worth the wait.

Goopimade urban Outdoor pants wide

Taking cues from the recent hugely successful Big Boy Shorts the pockets on the MT-03 Wide Cargo Pants don't disappoint. In typical GoopiMade style there is tons of them. Yet they all fit together functionally to deliver a pant that not only looks great but is practical too. Made using a Teflon coated fabric specially developed by Goopi, we're very excited to get our hands on these and we will have them available in all 3 colours. Khaki, Grey & Black. 

goopimade urban outdoor pants wide goopi

Goopimade urban outdoor pants wide goopi

Making a perfect partner to the MT-03 Wide Cargo Pant, the GoopiMade CB-D2 Cobra Nylon Belt (Goopi love a technical name) will also release on Saturday 25th July. Influenced by the military uses of Cobra Buckles, GoopiMade has incorporated this remarkable product into its latest belts. Cobra Buckles are considered to be some of the strongest under load in the world hence their almost ubiquitous use by special forces the World over. You might not need to be dragged out of a gun fight by your belt but its good to know that however much you eat at Sunday Lunch the Cobra Buckle should be able to take the strain. 

Goopimade cobra belt

Finally, we've also secured another supply of GoopiMade T-Shirts. Also dropping on Saturday 25th July and featuring GoopiMade's ever popular oversized silhouette. Made from a super comfortable heavyweight cotton fabric they feature GoopiMade branding to the chest and an outdoor influenced design on the rear. 

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