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The Latest Autumn Delivery from South Korean Label CAYL ‘Climb As You Love’

The Latest Autumn Delivery from South Korean Label CAYL ‘Climb As You Love’

Written by Ali George Hinkins

Holding a firm place in This Thing of Ours’ curated arsenal, CAYL is a brand that I further explored in ‘The Rise of Urban Outdoor Brands’ article and one that has piqued my interest since. Now that the latest delivery from them has landed, it’s only right that I shine a light on some of the products, but first, a customary introduction to CAYL. 

Founded by Euijae Lee in 2011, CAYL is a South Korean label rooted in outdoor activities like climbing, hiking and biking channelling this love into garments that tread the line between function and clean, modern aesthetics. CAYL achieves this through deceptive and clever design: cargo pants may appear ordinary but are constructed using lightweight polyester with a DWR treatments that repel dirt and water, making the label the perfect antidote to outdoor activities. Alongside the technically-minded gear that are the fruits of CAYL’s labour, they support the local outdoor culture in South Korea that has continued to rise in popularity as a result. 

The brand's output is enough to outfit your full wardrobe, covering functional outerwear, lightweight bottoms, luggage accessories, tops and shirts, to name but a few. Oftentimes, the colour palette is kept pretty strict with pieces clad in a tight-knit of tones from deep black to blue with earthy tones and the odd luminous hue of orange and lime thrown in for good measure. 

For Autumn/Winter ‘21, This Thing of Ours’ will carry a range of CAYL goods that are exceptionally indicative of what the brand has done in the past and present, as well as what they plan to do going forward. An expansive array of outerwear, bottoms, tops, headwear and bags, some have been brought up to a seasonal specification and others will be new to CAYL aficionados. With a real, shared experience of the outdoors and the conditions that come with it, CAYL is heavily focused on developing products that can actually be worn in testing environments where function and comfort are priorities. 

Outerwear styles include highlights such as the Light Shield Jacket, Primaloft Anorak and AquaX Vest which incorporate technologies like Primaloft Gold for unrivalled insulation, Pertex Shield - a lightweight, breathable and highly waterproof fabric - and YKK hardware. Whilst the technical details largely speak for themselves, almost like badges of honour, the silhouettes are fairly minimal and nondescript with clever placement of zippers and adjustable points throughout. At a quick glance, the Primaloft Anorak is made using a wind-resistant, DWR finished Pertex Quantum and is insulated using Primaloft Gold Eco. It features four pockets on the front, two on the side and two around the chest, and allows for side entry. There are various adjustable cords throughout for a more-cinched-in, fitted look. In short, CAYL has you covered for pretty much anything the weather will throw at you: rain, snow, sleet and cold. 

CAYL "Climb As You Love" Primaloft Pertex

Outerwear isn’t the whole category worth shouting about; bottoms for this season comprise of the Mountain Pants, Stretch Cargo Pants and Cargo Zip Pants, to name but a few. The Mountain Pants, for example, feature an expansive pocket assortment for secure storage of your belongings - there are four on the rear and at least another three on the front; that's a lot of trail mix. Integrated nylon belts help to easily adjust the waist and lightweight fabrications provide comfort and ease of movement. Alongside bottoms is an array of bags which has earnt CAYL a cult-like following. This season we see models like the Grid Tote Bag, Seorak 5 and Mari Rolltop which come in varying sizes and fabrications, suited for both urban and outdoor excursions. Designed for everyday use, the Grid Tote Bag comes in a size that is suitable for commuters and light hikers alike due to its abundance of pockets, ample storage capacity and comfortable, padded strap. In regards to pockets, there are two on the exterior one of which is waterproof as well as one on the interior where personal belongings like your wallet and keys can be stored. The colourway is primarily black with a grey grid pattern over the top. 

CAYL "Climb As You Love" Polartec PowerGrid Balaclava

Finally, a natural combatant for the Autumn/Winter season is headwear which comes in the form of AquaX Cap, Acrylic Beanie and Quantum 6 Panel. Possibly one of the best equipped staples for the season is the Acrylic Beanie, which is made using a lightweight knit that does wonders for heat retention and features CAYL’s mountain logo engraved on the side. 

CAYL "Climb As You Love" Seorak 5 Sacoche Shoulder Bag

Available now from This Thing of Ours’ online store or, if you’re in the nearby vicinity, pop by their studio to browse their latest wares. 

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