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Comfy Outdoor Garment Summer Drop

Comfy Outdoor Garment Spectra Fabric Dual Purpose Vest

Still a relatively new brand on the UK Outdoor Clothing scene Comfy Outdoor Garment has had a really strong first winter season with This Thing Of Ours. In particular their famous down jackets, fleeces and dual purpose vests have been real customer and staff favourites.

Coming out of Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan, Comfy Outdoor Garment is a brand created for a life that splits between the city and outdoor adventures and is almost perfect for the UK where the inclement weather means that outdoor clothing has a real cross over into street style.

Comfy Outdoor Garments Gravel Half Sleeve T-Shirt

For spring summer the Comfy Outdoor Garments collection doesn't disappoint with heaps of super technical, futuristic fabrics like spectra fibre, those crazy magnetic fasteners and more Japanese technical styling than you can shake a carbon fibre stick at.

Comfy Outdoor Garments Trek Shorts Rip Stop

Comfy Outdoor Garment Activity Shorts Green

We're pretty gobsmacked with the whole range but favourite items currently have to be the Spectra Fibre Kiltic Shorts which are just mind bendingly good as well as the Gravel Half Sleeve T-shirt and Spectra Fibre Backpacks & X-Pac Waistpacks.

Comfy Outdoor Garments Gravel Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Comfy Outdoor Garments X-Pac Waist Pack Bag

 Our first drops are in store now with more coming over the summer.


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