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New Brand Alert - GoopiMade

New Brand Alert - GoopiMade

We always get excited about finding brands that have yet to really break through into the UK. We've always been people that wanted something different from the herd. Be that clothing choices, music, travel, let's just say we like to be independently minded.

We stock a large amount of Japanese and South Korean brands for that reasons but with Japan already a powerhouse in the clothing world and South Korean brands becoming more prominent in the UK it was only inevitable that other markets particularly in Asia would begin to emerge and catch our eye.

GoopiMade T-Shirt Oversized Good Taiwan

One such market that that we've been keeping a close eye on and that is really driving things forward is Taiwan. Primarily centred around the capital of Taipei there is a growing scene of designers and makers taking historical knowledge and combining it with a modern global outlook to create high quality and functional clothing, the kind of stuff we really love at This Thing Of Ours.

GoopiMade T-Shirt Oversized Taiwan Goopi

With an Urban Outdoor style blended with high-quality functional clothing GOOPiMADE is driven by thoughtful design. They make items that they like, use,
and believe in. They don't follow trends and don't get shifted by them. Instead they care most about the quality of their fabrics, functionality and of course design. 

GoopiMade Taiwan Oversized Goopi T-Shirt

GoopiMade products will be in store very soon and for Spring Summer 2020 we've got a selection of shorts and technical t-shirts/popovers in true GoopiMade oversized fits with plenty of technical pockets and features to keep us happy for a long time. 


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